Supporting Families In Crisis

Close up of child's face

Our Neighbors Are Hurting

The holidays can be an excruciating time for children from troubled homes. While there are many challenges that can wreak havoc on families, few can compare to the devastating impact of the current opioid epidemic. From 1999 to 2016, opioid deaths in Michigan have multiplied  17 times, to 2,335 in 2016. (MDHHS). This alarming rise is driving more and more children into foster care, straining the system to the breaking point.

What You Can Do

Become a Foster Parent

In Michigan, there are approximately 13,000 children currently in foster care and 300 in need of adoption (MDHHS). Becoming a foster parent requires compassion for children, and a commitment to their care, not perfection! Learn more about our Foster Care program here: These children need caring people, just like you.

Support CSSW

Stop for a moment and consider the devastation parents feel when their children are removed from their homes and placed in foster care. And imagine the terror and turmoil of emotions those children experience, especially during the holidays. Through CSSW programs such as Family TimeNurturing Families Washtenaw, and Grandparents as Parents, our caseworkers work tirelessly to teach parents and caregivers the skills they need to raise strong, happy children in a safe environment.

Your partnership will support the overwhelming needs of families in our communities. Join us in our work to keep kids safe and families secure, as a foster parent or with a financial gift. We are grateful for your help which builds resilience and hope in our neighbors who face so many enormous challenges.

May all the families in our neighborhood find peace and joy this season.

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