Pregnancy Counseling and Case Management

Free Services for All Pregnant Women

Catholic Social Services of Washtenaw County will assist you in exploring options of parenting, or if interested, pursuing an adoption plan. We have comprehensive services for clients who parent or who make alternate plans for their babies.

All services, from counseling to referrals to long-term support, are offered at no charge. If you're pregnant and looking for help, referrals, or support, please call (734) 971.9781, ext. 321 or ext. 412 or email [email protected].

Pregnancy and Counseling services include:

  • Licensed counseling for women, men and family members
  • Non-judgmental atmosphere to explore options, including adoption
  • One on one parenting education
  • Service referrals to meet medical, financial, education, nutrition, legal and housing needs
  • Help identify and build a support network
  • Regular meetings during pregnancy through post-birth time period
  • Services offered on-site for clients who are incarcerated or have transportation limitations

Deciding to parent ...

Catholic Social Services of Washtenaw County is committed to helping pregnant women explore the option of parenting by looking at ways to remove any barriers that stand in the way of parenting.

If you decide to parent, CSSW will…

  • Provide emotional counseling
  • Link you to outside resources
  • Provide referrals to programs designed to assist you at home
  • Provide parenting preparation such as budgeting exercises and safety education
  • Provide informational videos and other materials
  • Assist in determining eligibility for DHS assistance

Pursuing an adoption plan ...

The key word describing open adoption is empowerment. As a birth parent, you're empowered to choose your child’s future family from a pool of applicants. Adoptive families are empowered knowing they have approval and support of the birth parents. Lastly, the children involved grow up knowing they are valued by all the adults in their lives.

If you decide to pursue an adoption plan, CSSW will…

  • Provide information about adoption as a lifelong process
  • Support you in choosing and meeting the adoptive family
  • Assist you in redefining your role with the child
  • Encouraging you to name, feed and hold your child in the hospital
  • Foster the belief that children have the right to have their birth parent(s) involved in their lives forever
  • Provide extensive post-birth counseling and life-long support groups

Open Adoption is…

  • Birth parents choosing, meeting and developing a lifelong relationship with the adoptive family
  • Adoptive and birth parents creating a mutually agreeable plan to communicate regarding the child
  • Mutual respect for all involved in the adoption circle
  • On-going education and resources for birth and adoptive families
  • Clear because birth parents relinquish parental rights but the relationship is maintained throughout life

Adoption is a journey affecting birth parents, adoptive parents and adoptees alike. CSSW understands the unique challenges for each member of the adoption circle and provides ongoing support for all involved.

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If you're pregnant and looking for help, referrals, or support, please contact us:
Tel: 734.971.9781, ext. 321 or 412
Email: [email protected]

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