Family & Children

CSSW recognizes the impact that family life has on a child’s ability to grow and develop. We have established programs that recognize and address the needs of children to ensure they are in a stable, safe and loving environment. In addition, CSSW offers caregivers the necessary outlet or training needed to mentally and emotionally tend to their family members. These programs facilitate positive interaction between children and their parent/caregiver, connect caregivers to community resources and promote a family’s ability to stay together.


Finding happy and loving homes for children, support for low income and teen moms, counseling for adoptive parents and birth mothers, and more.

Food Pantry

Groceries and personal care items for low-income families and individuals, and referrals to other agencies providing critical services.

Foster Care

Foster care for children separated from their birth families due to abuse and/or neglect. CSSW licenses foster families to provide safe, loving temporary homes for children.

Nurturing Families Washtenaw

Home-based child abuse prevention program for parents to learn positive parenting, child development, health education, goal-setting, and resources.

Pregnancy Counseling

Assistance exploring options of parenting or, if interested, pursuing an adoption plan. We provide comprehensive services, counseling, resources, and referrals for clients who parent or make alternate plans for their babies.

Washtenaw Child Advocacy Center

Child-focused program with collaborative crisis intervention, coordinated case management, and emotional support for children and families involved in child sexual abuse cases going through the legal system.