Waiting Child Adoption

CSSW facilitates adoptions for legally available children of all ages. These children have been involved in the foster care system but cannot be returned to their birth families due to past neglect or abuse.

Although some are adopted by relatives or foster families, there are hundreds of children in Michigan who do not have an identified family. Because of their difficult histories, some children may have special needs. All of them are in need of a loving, stable family in a forever home.

There are no fees charged for our adoption services in the waiting child adoption program. The only costs you may incur are court filing fees paid at the time of a petition to adopt. In addition, you may be responsible for traveling to visits with your matched child and lodging if they are not near your home.

The State of Michigan also offers financial support to adoptive families through medical and support subsidies. Many children with special needs will qualify for this program; however, your adoption worker can provide more specific details about eligibility requirements. These subsidies are available until the child reaches age 18.

To get started:

Contact an adoption counselor at 734-926-4645. If you are interested in adoption, we are happy to answer your questions about the adoption process and what it takes to become an adoptive parent through CSSW.