When CSSW first opened its doors in 1959, adoption and counseling were the main focus. Sixty years later, programs and staff have greatly expanded. In addition to focusing on finding children happy and loving homes, support for low income and teen moms, counseling for adoptive parents and birth mothers, search and reunion services for those who either made adoption plans or were adopted through CSSW are available.

Newborn Adoption

Through a voluntary and open approach, CSSW places infants for domestic (U.S.) adoption. Counseling and services for birth parents before, during, and after the adoption process are provided.

Waiting Child Adoption

CSSW facilitates adoptions for legally available children of all ages. These children have been involved in the foster care system and are in need of a loving, stable family in a forever home.

Families Ready to Adopt

These individuals have met the requirements of the State of Michigan and CSSW to become adoptive parents, and are waiting to welcome a child into their home.

Post Adoption Support

Ongoing support, education, and counseling to all involved in the adoption circle – birth parents, adoptive families, and adoptees of all ages. A monthly support group for adults who have been impacted by closed adoption is open to the public.