Next Steps for Adoption

How do we get started?

The first step in the adoption process is scheduling an orientation meeting with one of our adoption workers. The adoption worker will provide an overview of the characteristics and needs of children available, the home study, and the adoption and legal process.  At the orientation meeting, you will be given an application, criminal clearance form, financial worksheets, and a medical form to complete.  Once we receive your application, we can begin the home study process.

What does the home study involve?

You will be asked to gather information such as birth certificates, marriage license, criminal clearance and fingerprinting requests, medical clearances and reports, and financial records. You will also be required to provide three unrelated references to provide a statement about your ability and willingness to parent an adoptive child.

The adoption counselor will schedule a home visit to meet with the applicants and any household members. During this visit, the worker will interview the family about their social history, home and environment, preparation for adoption and parenting and discipline philosophies. We will also discuss the type of child that would be a good match for your family. After all documentation and paperwork are completed, a family assessment will be written that provides our recommendation for approval or denial.

What type of training will we receive?

Adopting from foster care can present unique parenting challenges and opportunities. In order to provide a nurturing home designed to meet the child’s needs, comprehensive training is required of all families.  This 12 hour training consists of five sessions focusing on working toward permanence for children, meeting developmental needs, loss, attachment and discipline. You will also be notified of other relevant training in the community.