Good Samaritan 2017

Distraught teenage boy with backpack in the middle of a street

Who is My Neighbor?

With so much of our lives spent online, it’s easy to wonder where exactly our neighborhood lies. Who do we include as our neighbors? Are our friends on social media our neighbors? How about business associates we Skype with? Is our neighborhood the “contacts” list on our phones?

Jesus cut to the heart of this question with the parable of the Good Samaritan. This parable suggests that we should extend compassion and aid to all who are suffering in our midst. But as we carefully choose whom to befriend as neighbors, whether online or in person, are we missing the opportunity to witness and care for those in greatest need?

At CSSW we take care of those who are wounded, neglected, and avoided, no matter what “neighborhood” they are from.

  • We counsel pregnant women in making parenting or adoption plans.
  • Our Washtenaw County Advocacy Center provides fully-integrated intervention and care for child victims of sexual abuse.
  • We provide access to physical health care for our low-income Behavioral Health Counseling Services clients through our partnership with the Packard Health Clinic.
  • Our Emergency Food Pantry at Northside Community Center feeds more than 500 low-income families annually.
  • Through our Interfaith Volunteer Caregiver Program and The Oaks Adult Day Program, we provide much-needed breaks to low-income caregivers of clients with a range of impairments, including Alzheimer’s.

We all feel terrible about the overwhelming suffering in this world. But the Good Samaritan wasn’t just moved with pity, he was moved to action. And his actions included providing resources so others were able to care for someone who was suffering.

Your gift today expands the boundaries of our neighborhoods into a community of hope and compassion. As our partner, you are the Good Samaritan for those whose lives have been shattered by mental illness, violence, poverty, drug and alcohol addiction, unplanned pregnancies, and the challenges of age. We are honored and grateful to be a part of your neighborhood.

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