Homelessness Prevention Profile

Julia ~ client profile

Things couldn’t get much worse. Julia tried rehab, but kept relapsing; her husband and kids left long ago. Because of her chronic alcohol addiction she couldn’t hold onto a job. At 55, suffering from major depression, Julia was homeless…

Individuals like Julia battling these and other challenges don’t have to end up isolated, living in shelters or on the streets. In Ann Arbor, the CSSW Housing Support Services (HSS) program helps tenants of Avalon Housing maintain permanent housing and maximize personal independence.

Specifically, the program works with each client to determine the type and level of assistance necessary to sustain independent housing. Services include helping Avalon tenants access rental assistance, providing transportation, connecting them with community and employment resources, or help with daily living tasks and medication management. Whatever the need, the HSS team is available 24 hours a day, every day, providing onsite intervention.

For Julia, it worked.

When she first came to Housing Support Services, she had been homeless for more than two years—staying in hotels, sleeping on people’s couches, living in shelters.  Catholic Social Services helped her to get back on her feet, get the medical help she needed for her depression and other issues and connected her with outside resources.

Nearly three years later, she has a place to call home. She is sober, secure and hopeful. Julia’s outlook remains positive because she’s no longer alone—Housing Support is there—whenever, however she may need a helping hand.