Emergency Food Client Profile

Profile of a typical client

  •  90% of households report incomes at or below $15,000 a year with the median household income at $4,200.
  • Individuals/families receiving assistance from the Emergency Food Program are the “most vulnerable”:  seniors, persons with a disability living on fixed incomes, single parent households, the unemployed and the underemployed.
  • Over 40% are female-headed households and one-third has at least one member with a physical or mental disability.
  • 42% represent children between the ages of 0 and 5 years of age.

Process for obtaining food

The CSSW Emergency Food Program prides itself in treating those seeking food with dignity and respect.  We understand that those seeking food are not there by choice but by unfortunate circumstances.

  • Eligibility is based on self-reported income and household size
  • A brief needs assessment and satisfaction survey are completed to ensure basic needs are met
  • Referrals and additional information is provided as appropriate
  • Pantry is based on a supermarket style “shopping” system where clients select groceries they need
  • Amount of food is determined based on self-reported household size

The waiting area provides computers and internet access as well as a play area for the children to further respect the dignity of our consumers