From the President

Lawrence Voight, LMSW

Take a few minutes and look at the programs we offer at Catholic Social Services. We provide more than two dozen unique services helping thousands in our community each year—individuals at risk of homelessness, the very young, older adults, teen parents and adoptive families, victims of abuse, adults with cognitive impairments—individuals of all ages and backgrounds.

Despite their outward differences, our clients share something in common. They come through our doors seeking a helping hand; they leave with the ability to confront their challenges. It is this growth in skills and confidence that changes lives for the better.

Empowering individuals and families is inherent in everything we stand for. It is, quite simply, the ultimate mission of CSSW. How we work toward achieving that goal rests on the shoulders of our staff as well as the dedication of our board members and their ability to work side by side with other community stakeholders to benefit those most in need.

Because changing lives is what we do.
One community, one family and one person at a time.