Senior Corps Week: Carol Spencer

Carol Spenceredited

“After working 30 years for a salary, now I’m doing what I really want to do.”

Carol Spencer is 67 and volunteers as a Meal Deliverer/Sorter/Organizer at Ann Arbor Meals and Wheels. She also helps at House by the Side of the Road.

Q & A with Carol Spencer

How long have you been an RSVP Volunteer?
9 years.

What skills do you utilize volunteering that you gained from your professional/ life experiences?
I’m very organized.

What have you enjoyed most about volunteering?
It has been a magnificent experience for me to get to know people. Also, it is very humbling to see the circumstances people in our area live in.

What impact do you feel you are making in your community through volunteering?
I’m helping one person at a time. It is reassuring for people to know that I sincerely care about their well being. Also, the organizational structure of volunteering has given me the opportunity to learn how to go out on my own and help others.

What are some of the personal benefits volunteering has had in your life?
Giving back has a natural side effect of feeling good. Volunteering is very enriching and has allowed me to gain more patience when working with others. My life would be empty if I didn’t give back.

What is the significance of programs such as the Retired and Senior Volunteer Program (RSVP) to you?
It is nice to have a focus like RSVP to give lonely seniors who need encouragement options for getting out and becoming active in the community. Programs that help seniors are essential to a functional society.

What advice can you give to other retired seniors who are considering volunteering?
Go for it! Seniors who are unsure can always mentor with someone else who is already volunteering.

To Get Started: Call: 734.712.4325 or visit the RSVP website.