Do you qualify for more food assistance?

Was your food aid (Bridge Card) from DHHS drastically cut, or discontinued, in 2015, though income and expenses remained about the same?

The amount of “food stamps” depends on income and expenses (such as medical, or child support). It also can depend on how you pay for your home heating, and whether you have received a Home Heating Credit.

Heat billed directly to you by provider (i.e., not included in rent): On your DHHS Food Assistance Program (FAP) award letter, the “Budget Summary” expense item “Heat/Utility Standard” should read $553 (not zero). If it doesn’t, talk to your worker! (Heat is “billed directly” if your monthly DTE Statement has a separate section for “Residential Heat.”)

Heat included in rent: On the FAP award letter, “Heat/Utility Standard” should read $553 (not zero) if you have received a Home Heating Credit of $21 or more within the past twelve months. Without such a credit, you will not meet the desirable H/U Standard. (Heat is “included in rent” if you are not billed for energy, or if your monthly DTE statement has only an “Electricity” section.)

Home Heating Credit (HHC) is available to low-income Michigan renters (on a lease) or homeowner-residents (on the deed). Eligibility and amount depend on your income and exemptions. Applications for 2014 HHC must be postmarked by 09/30/2015. If you miss that deadline, try for 2015 HHC starting in Feb. 2016.