Bibliography of Resources

Anger Management Links
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Anger Management dot com

Anger Management Techniques

Get Your ANGRIES Out And Those Mads, Bads and Grumpies…

OnLine Class: Anger Management

NPR The Anger Management Industry, then go to Listen to All Things Considered audio


Animal Cruelty and Family Violence: Making the Connection

National Link Coalition: Working together to stop violence against people and animals

American Animal Hospital Association – The Link Between Animal Abuse and Domestic Violence


BIP Effectiveness Information

DV Evidence Project website

Promising Futures: Best Practices for Serving Children, Youth and Parents Exposed to Domestic Violence website

2-page Promising Futures Overview (pdf)


Domestic Violence

Assailant Interviews

Conceptual Clarity (pdf)

Michigan Domestic and Sexual Violence Survivor Service Organizations 

The National Center for Victims of Crime: Dating Violence Resource Center

Rule of Thumb and the Folklaw of the Husband’s Stick (pdf)

Program Policies Manual (pdf)

Request for Tuition Reduction (pdf)

Safety for Women: Monitoring Batterers’ Program (pdf)

Tuition Balance Payment Plan Agreement (pdf)

Violence Policy Center

When Men Murder Women

The National Center on Domestic and Sexual Violence


Domestic Violence & Drug/Alcohol Connection

Substance Abuse and Woman Abuse by Male Partners (pdf)


Domestic Violence in the Asian Community

Asian Women United of Minnesota


Domestic Violence in the Hispanic Community

National Latin Network Facts and Statistics

Eliminating Barriers to Services for Latina/o Survivors of Sexual and Intimate Partner Violence (pdf)


Domestic Violence Working with Non-Offending Men

Jackson Katz: Bystanders

Men’s Initiative for Jane Doe Inc.: Resources for Men Working to End Sexual Assault and Domestic Violence.

Men Stopping Violence: Because We Have Daughters