Aging With Attitude: Washtenaw County 60+ Survey


Washtenaw County’s overall population is growing older. 12.5% of Washtenaw County residents are age 60 or older (43,000) and 9,600 seniors of this total are age 80 or older. By 2020, this number is projected to grow to 22.1%.

Local human service funders are closely watching this trend and have invested in the Washtenaw County Blueprint for Aging to develop and complete a survey that provides a baseline of data about older adult independent living factors.

Virginia Boyce, Project Manager for the Blueprint for Aging, remarks, “By the end of this May, our goal is to complete at least 600 surveys so that we have a better sense of the risks our older adults are facing in the county as well as the factors that attribute to their wellness.”

Findings from the survey will help local planners, providers and policymakers better address the challenges to independence of older adults as well as identify those programs and services that will have the greatest impact toward a senior’s independence.

The Washtenaw County 60+ Survey will be administered in March and April by University of Michigan School of Social Work graduate students as a part of an Evaluation in Social Work course. Any 60+ resident of Washtenaw County interested in taking this survey can contact 734.926.4655 to learn how to participate.

The Blueprint for Aging is a multi-agency collaboration that works to improve services, care and quality of life for older adults in Washtenaw County. The Blueprint for Aging is a program of Catholic Social Services of Washtenaw County and is supported by United Way of Washtenaw County, in conjunction with the Washtenaw Coordinated Funders.

If you know of a neighbor or friend who is age 60 or older, tell them about the 60+ Survey!

You can learn more about the Blueprint for Aging by visiting

Survey distribution will take place at the following locations in the next couple of weeks:
Dexter Senior Center: Thursday, April 3rd, 9:30am-11:30am

Lincoln Golden Ages: 
Tuesday, April 15th, 10:30am-12pm

Turner Geriatric Clinic: 
Wednesday, April 2nd, Time TBD

OSHER Lifelong Learning Institute: 
Thursday, April 10th, Time: 9:15-10am
Distribution will be before Thursday Morning Lecture series, held at the Clarion Hotel on Jackson Road
An extra special thank you to the following agencies for distributing the survey directly to their clients:
Jewish Family Services
CSSW (Resource Advocates, Behavioral Health and Counseling Services, Grandparents as Parents, and The Oaks)
Ann Arbor Meals on Wheels
Ypsilanti Meals on Wheels

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