Your financial support can make a profound difference in people’s lives

Giving thanks for your support

As we near the end of 2019, all of us at Catholic Social Services of Washtenaw would like to extend our appreciation for your support. Unlike schools and hospitals where individuals who benefit from their services often are able to give back financially, CSSW does not rely on the people we serve for charitable support. Thanks to the generosity of our supporters, in 2018 we were able to provide programs and services to nearly 10,000 people whose lives have been impacted by poverty, hunger, addiction and other nearly insurmountable life challenges. Despite the difficulties our clients may face, they come to CSSW with grateful hearts and expressions of thankfulness for the help and hope they receive.

Alicia sharing her story at CSSW’s Cooking for a Cause event in September 2019.

Alicia’s Story

Alicia, one of our clients, shared her story for the first time at our “Cooking for a Cause” fundraising event this year. Born into poverty, Alicia eventually was removed from her home and spent a number of years in juvenile detention and foster care. By the time she came to CSSW for help, she was pregnant with twins. With the help and support of our dedicated staff, Alicia remained healthy throughout her pregnancy and is now mom to two beautiful girls. 

However, our care for Alicia did not end with the birth of her daughters. She received ongoing counseling and support from our Nurturing Families program, and she meets with CSSW behavioral health therapists. She is now building her own support systems and effective parenting skills, and though she says she feels stronger than ever, she acknowledges the fragility of raising twins and navigating life’s challenges. 

Hearing Alicia tell her story reminds us how significant the need for our services truly is, and that your financial support can make a profound difference in the lives of so many.   

Together we’re making a difference in people’s lives

In this holiday season, we give thanks for the generosity, partnership, and all that we have accomplished together. We hope you will join us in making a gift to CSSW in gratitude for our own abundant blessings and the knowledge that each of us can make a difference for someone in our community like Alicia.     

On behalf of CSSW’s employees and volunteers, including our dedicated operating board and the Devine Foundation board, thank you for your continued friendship and support as you join us every step of the way by caring for those who need our support most.

Warmest regards,

Peg Bravo
President and CEO