The Safety of Minors on College and University Campuses: A Social Justice Change

A seminar series arranged by an interdisciplinary group of University of Michigan faculty and graduate students that will address the issue of the Safety of Minors Engaged in Activities Involving Faculty, Students, and Staff on College Campuses. Each session will consist of a presentation on a cutting edge topic relevant to the safety of children and youth, followed by discussion and refreshments. Seminars take place on Tuesdays from 5-8 pm, are FREE and open to the public (CEUs available for a nominal fee). For more specific information, please contact the Family Advocacy Center at 734.998.9700


September 24, 2013
Introduction to the Seminar series Minor Safety Issues from the Perspective of Different Disciplines/Professions
Presenters will include professionals and graduate students in medicine, social work, education, law, and psychology

October 8, 2013
Perspective from the Media
Kyle Feldscher,, Cops and Courts Reporter

November 19, 2013
University of Michigan report to President Mary Sue Coleman on Minor Safety
Donica Varner, JD, Office of the General Counsel; Kelly Cunningham, Director of Public Affairs

December 10, 2013
The Penn State Case
Debra Shilling Wolfe, M.Ed, University of Pennsylvania School of Social Policy and Practice

January 21, 2014
How States and Universities are Responding to the Gap in the Safety Net for Minors Engaged in Activities with Faculty Students and Staff
Frank Vendervort, JD, Clinical Professor of Law, Supervising Attorney, Child Advocacy Law Clinic & Juvenile Justice Clinic

February 25, 2014
Catholic Clergy Secual Abuse: Parallels and Perspectives
Karen Terry, Ph.D. Professor & Associate Provost and Dean of Research

March 25, 2014
Minor Safety on College and University Campuses: A Historical Perspective
Dr. David Finkelhor, Family Research Laboratory, Director, Crimes Against Children Project, Department of Sociology, University of New Hampshire

April 22, 2014
Introduction of Policy on Minors Involved in University-Sponsored Programs or Programs Held in University Facilities
Kathleen Rychlinski, Assistant Director, Risk Management Services
Prof. Robert Ortega & Kathleen Couborn Faller, School of Social WOrk & Family Assessment Clinic