RENEW Article Published

An Article titled “Facilitating Change: A Process of Renewal for Women Who Have Used Force in Their Intimate Heterosexual Relationships” was published by SAGE, a leading independent, academic, and professional publisher. Please visit the RENEW (Reflectively Embracing Nonviolence through Education for Women) page to learn more about … Read more

Share Your Substance Abuse Story

Photovoice captures experiences with alcohol and/or drugs through photography & narrative, engages participants in group discussion with other Photovoice members and
sparks community awareness of alcohol/drug use in those 55+

Vicarious Trauma Training

Join us for a special presentation by nationally recognized expert, Dr. Janine D’Anniballe! This workshop will explore the phenomenon of vicarious trauma, including the use of an assessment tool to address trauma within a group or with specific individuals. The presentation will include implications for vicarious trauma and current holistic interventions in mitigating the secondary post-traumatic stress response.

FUSE: Saving Money, Saving Lives

Think about the last time you treated a chronic medical condition with medication that required refrigeration or adherence to a precise schedule? What if you needed a device like an air filter or sleep apnea machine, and you had no electricity and no way to maintain a regular schedule? A trip to the emergency room in the throes of something like an asthma attack or diabetic coma is likely.

Aging With Attitude: Washtenaw County 60+ Survey

AGING WITH ATTITUDE: LEND YOUR VOICE TO THE WASHTENAW COUNTY 60+ SURVEY Washtenaw County’s overall population is growing older. 12.5% of Washtenaw County residents are age 60 or older (43,000) and 9,600 seniors of this total are age 80 or older. By 2020, this number … Read more