Senior Corps Week: Lola Ashby

Lola“I look forward to the opportunity to make new friends through volunteering.

Lola is 91 and volunteers as an RSVP Office Assistant, as well as helping out at the Ypsilanti Township Senior Center.


Q & A with Lola Ashby

How long have you been an RSVP Volunteer?
12 years.

What skills do you utilize volunteering that you gained from your professional/ life experiences?
My sense of responsibility and I am very detailed oriented.

What have you enjoyed most about volunteering?
I enjoy working with other volunteers.

What impact do you feel you are making in your community through volunteering?
It is necessary, in the scheme of things, to use what we have to give back to the community.

What are some of the personal benefits volunteering has made in your life?
I have a sense of being needed even while accomplishing small things. Volunteering also allows me to develop new friendships.

What is the significance of programs such as the Retired and Senior Volunteer Program (RSVP) to you?
RSVP provides a place to go for advice, help, and friendships.

What advice can you give to other retired seniors who are considering volunteering?
Just do it. You will be surprised at what volunteering has to offer. It keeps you in touch with other seniors.