National Adoption Month: The DeCarlo Family

Family PictureforwebOur story truly is amazing. We may be biased, however it is the happy ending adoptive families hope for, but fear they will never have. 

My husband Lyle and I decided that this would be our last inquiry through the MARE website into Waiting Child Adoption. If this did not provide a match, we would move on and find contentment in being an aunt and uncle.

Out of 40 prospective families, we were chosen to connect with LaVell and Ajshia. We were overwhelmed with excitement, yet scared at the same time. Meeting the foster parents went really well. The day to meet LaVell and Ajshia came soon after. When they first entered the room, I was frightened and could not turn around to look at them: what if they didn’t like me? The moment I did turn around, I fell in love. I knew immediately that they were meant to be our children.

The adoption was finalized on December 20, 2012. It was one of the happiest days of our lives.  Now, almost a year later, that day seems like an eternity ago. LaVell is thriving in school and participates in gymnastics and flag football. Ajshia is also succeeding in school and participates in tap dance and gymnastics. Our family is complete. The road isn’t always smooth, but the bumps along the way are more than worth it!  We cannot imagine life without them.