National Adoption Month: Michael’s Story

MichaelOur story began in the Spring of 2011. After many years of discussing adoption, we finally contacted Catholic Social Services to begin an exciting process.

After months of viewing the MARE site, my husband and I finally found the little boy we hoped would be ours.

We met Michael in January 2012 (Ironically my husband’s name is Michael too), and we knew immediately that he was the one we had been searching for, and that he would fit perfectly with our family.

In December 2012, after many short and extended visits, Michael was legally adopted. This was one of the happiest days of all of our lives. Once Michael was ours, we could now get him the help that he was so desperately seeking.

Prior to our adoption, Michael had been placed in approximately fourteen different foster homes. When we met him, he was in a home for boys. Michael had severe emotional disabilities from years of not having someone to love him or a place he could call home.

Michael is now 10 years old, and doing very well both physically and mentally. From a child who was underweight, 1½ – 2 years behind in school, and never really felt love from anyone, Michael is now thriving. He is at a healthy weight, bringing home B’s in school, participating in karate, baseball and Boy Scouts. We have been truly blessed and have nothing but thanks and gratitude for everyone at Catholic Social Services, especially Laura Smith, for helping us find our amazing son.