FUSE Awarded MSHDA Grant!

FUSE (Frequent User System Engagement) is a pilot project in a nationwide effort integrating housing, care management and health services to assist high risk adults caught in a revolving door of hospitals, emergency rooms, rehabilitation and other crisis services.

FUSE was awarded an Emergency Solutions Grant from MSHDA (Michigan State Housing Development Authority). This grant provides “bridge” housing, allowing the FUSE program to assist with rent, security and utility deposits for twenty individuals for up to four months. FUSE now has the ability to house these clients while they search for more permanent housing, avoiding a period of homelessness in the interim.

MSHDA has also included FUSE in their “Moving Up Initiative”. This new program allows people with shelter care vouchers to “move up” to a less intensive service voucher, one that does not require case management. FUSE is working with its community partners to identify good candidates for the fantastic thirty NEW vouchers designated for Washtenaw County!