Elder Justice Summit Success

4 happy, older men sitting on a city park bench.
Photo Credit: Karen Beate Nøsterud

Outstanding Speakers, Outstanding Attendees

Sponsored by Washtenaw County Elder Justice Coalition
and Blueprint for Aging

The Elder Justice Conference on Friday, March 24, was a ringing success! Keynote speaker Paul Greenwood, along with a host of experts and professionals in the community, challenged participants with new perspectives and information on the vexing problem of financial exploitation of our elders. The lack of public awareness of this problem is similar to that of domestic violence decades ago. Many participants concluded they were on the vanguard of an emerging social justice movement. Experts on both sides of the podium recognized the enormous potential, as well as need, for constructing both policies and treatments to address the complex issues around this problem.

Participants were clearly engaged and the response was very positive:

“Paul Greenwood was excellent.”

“Nice variety of disciplines.”

“Thank you for hosting Mr. Greenwood and the expert panel. I learned a lot about financial abuse and what signs to look for. I also appreciated all the information on victim’s rights. Thank you for continuing to host educational lectures to better our community.”