Freedom to Grow

Livingston County Offender Success Garden Livingston County Offender Success is bringing the joy of gardening to its returning citizens. The garden was built at one of the transitional houses that keep returning-citizens safe and off the streets. Staff from Catholic Social Services of Washtenaw County worked … Read more

Birth Mother’s Day Success

Birth Mother’s Day 2018 was a wonderful success! Over 50 guests enjoyed the fun, food, and camaraderie of this very special celebration. And we couldn’t have done it without the help of our hard-working staff, volunteers, and sponsors. If you’d like to learn more about … Read more

Sexual Abuse – Get the Facts

Unacceptable Odds 10% Sexual abuse of children is tragically common. 10% of all children are sexually abused by the age of 18. At your local elementary, middle, or high school, 1 of every 10 children is struggling to process crimes that violate, fracture, and sabotage … Read more

Pregnancy Counseling

LeeAnn’s Story Our Pregnancy Counseling program offers free support for all pregnant women. LeeAnn is one such woman, and she bravely shared her story to give hope to other women who are struggling. LeeAnn’s Story Learn more about our Pregnancy Counseling program here:    

Keep Babies Safe All Night - Link to post about safe sleep

Safe Sleep

Sweet Dreams Being a baby is hard work. Caring for one is even harder. And ensuring a baby is sleeping safely is just one of the countless challenges facing caregivers of infants. Nobody wants to think about it, but the tragedy of Sudden Infant Death … Read more