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Welcome Peg Bravo!

Meet Our New President and CEO We are delighted to welcome Peg Bravo as our new president and CEO! Peg began her term on April 16, 2018, and has since been busy getting to know our dedicated staff and board of directors. Peg brings a … Read more

Sexual Abuse – Get the Facts

Unacceptable Odds 10% Sexual abuse of children is tragically common. 10% of all children are sexually abused by the age of 18. At your local elementary, middle, or high school, 1 of every 10 children is struggling to process crimes that violate, fracture, and sabotage … Read more

Restore the Balance

Help Us Restore the Balance Every day, we see families struggling with uncertainty, violence, and poverty. These disadvantages can quickly snowball into an avalanche, muffling voices already overwhelmed by trauma and exhaustion. And that’s exactly why our counselors work so hard to coax abused and … Read more

Pregnancy Counseling

LeeAnn’s Story Our Pregnancy Counseling program offers free support for all pregnant women. LeeAnn is one such woman, and she bravely shared her story to give hope to other women who are struggling. LeeAnn’s Story Learn more about our Pregnancy Counseling program here:    

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Supporting Families In Crisis

Our Neighbors Are Hurting The holidays can be an excruciating time for children from troubled homes. While there are many challenges that can wreak havoc on families, few can compare to the devastating impact of the current opioid epidemic. From 1999 to 2016, opioid deaths … Read more