Work Opportunity Tax Credits (WOTC)

Would you like to make money for hiring great employees?  If so, the WOTC credit can benefit your business:

  • Employers who hire WPR workers are eligible for a tax credit of $2,400 per employee
  • The WOTC credit can be claimed for an unlimited number of employees
  • The WOTC reduces an employer’s cost of doing business and requires little paperwork.

For more information and assistance applying for the WOTC, visit the State of Michigan WOTC application information page.

Bonding Insurance

What is Fidelity Bonding?

  • Insurance to protect employer against employee dishonesty
  • Covers any type of stealing: theft, forgery, larceny, and embezzlement
  • A further guarantee of employee honesty
  • An incentive to the employer to hire an at-risk job applicant

Fidelity bonding services are user-friendly:

  • NO bond approval processing – local staff instantly issue bond to employers
  • NO papers for employer to sign to obtain free bond incentive for job hire
  • NO follow-up and NO termination actions required for bond issued
  • NO deductible in bond insurance amount if employee dishonesty occurs
  • NO age requirements for bondee other than legal working age in state
  • NO other U.S. program provides Fidelity Bonding services
  • NO federal regulations covering bonds issued
  • ANY job at ANY employer in ANY state can be covered by the bond

For general information on the Federal Fidelity Bonding Program, click here.

For assistance applying for Fidelity Bonding contact:
Trennis Johnson at 734.544.6822, or Tyne Lucas at 737.714.9824

Job Try-out and Training

A paid, no-risk, two week trial during which an employer can decide if an individual is a good fit for a position.

For more information on Job Try-out and Training, please contact :

Camille Bonham